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4 Tips to get rid of your back pain easily

Back pain are not life-threatening, but it can make a significant impact on the way you deal and handle your life and work. With constant throbbing pain, it is a common case where you have to miss your job frequently.

What made you suffer from back pain? What has caused it? How can I get rid of it? Are in you in search of answers for those questions? You are exactly in the right place.


According to the article released on the American Chiropractic Association, 31 Million American are suffering from back pain at any given time. That is 1 in the 10.

If you walk on a street, every 10 people you come across, 1 person will be suffering from the back pain.

Who suffers more, women or men?

Based on the research published by the National Health Survey for the Federal Republic of Germany, the ratio for women vs. men is 1.42 to 1.23. It has seen the women are suffering more back pain than men.

Causes of Back Pain

1. Poor posture

One of the major or common cause for back pain today is poor posture. Whether you are an office goer or a person handling only the household chores, we are habituated with sitting in a slouch position.

Though we might find comfort in that position, the back structures eventually become stretched, weakened, and tired leading to severe back pain in the near future.

2. Heavy lifting

Heavy lifting activities such as among weightlifters, warehouse, construction workers, are also likely to suffer from back pain. Putting up on more weights than the back can handle, the whole back structures and especially the alignments of the backbones are destroyed, leading to back pain.

3. Bending Activities

Our back is composed of backbones, ligaments, and muscles. The repetitive bending activities can lead to improper alignment of the backbones, and also can tear the ligaments and muscles causing back pain.

Due to repetitive bending, even the muscles and ligaments become weaker.

4. Muscle Tear

Activities such as repetitive bending activities, heavy lifting, and unusual twisting of the back can tear the muscles and ligaments. The torn muscles are susceptible to inflammation of the muscles causing severe back pain.

5. Muscle Tightness

Due to inadequate warm-up and cool down after exercises, sports, run, walk or hike can cause a muscle tightness, especially the lower back muscles. The shortened muscles from the tightness become weaker and also becomes tired sooner, making it unable to carry and maintain the correct alignment, posture, and relaxed position of the back. This causes back pain.

6. Underlying disease

And in the rare case, it is sometimes caused by an underlying disease, such as Urinary tract infection, kidney stone, and other metabolic disorders.

How to get rid of back pain

1. Heat/Cold Therapy

The best, instant, and easy way to manage a back pain is heat/cold therapy. The stretched and tired muscles are relaxed

2. Correcting Posture

The correct posture is essential, and it makes a huge difference in getting rid of the pain. There are posture corrector designed to correct the bad posture, and also you can get trained by self-reminder.

Below are the 3 exercises that can improve your posture.

3. Getting a massage

Massage therapy is getting popular these days. Not only it provides relaxation to the tired muscles, but also it improves the circulation of the back structures. It boosts the metabolic activities and hence helps to relieve the pain.

Whether you want to get a massage chair or percussion massager or you want to get it done from the massage parlor, it is your choice, and all have equal benefits.

4. Muscle Strengthening

The last, and also the most effective and important one, is strengthening the back muscles. If you are not sure of how to strengthen the particular back muscles, it is recommended and best if you consult a Physical Therapist.

When to Consult a Doctor

The tips mentioned above to get rid of pain are self-remedies and also considered as safe to perform. If it does not help or if it is aggravating the pain, it is a wise decision to consider consulting a Doctor.

Also, if you suffer from repetitive back pain attack and if the pain is severe, don’t wait, get treated from Doctor.


For a reason, all of us suffer from back pain once in a lifetime. It might be mild for some and severe for others, but what is more important is how you deal with it. The tips mentioned are all doable by self and can help you get rid of back pain easily. But also keep in mind and take note on when to consult a Doctor.

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