Updated on April 15, 2020

5 Benefits of cold therapy

The ice is used for therapy, and it is one of the amazing treatments of injuries as it is readily available and user-friendly. The ice therapy was prevalent in the past, and it is still commonly used to treat and heal a wide range of conditions such as ankle sprain, back strain, tennis elbow, tenosynovitis and so on.

The ice application is used in a variety of ways depending upon the type of injury, size, and site of the damage. Some of the ways to apply ice therapy are ice cube directly over the particular point of pain, gently massaging in a circular motion. In ice wrap method, it involves wrapping up the large area of damage and ice dipping method is used, especially when the whole limb is involved.

Ice therapy is effective and safe methods in treating different conditions. Following are the few benefits of ice therapy:

1. It helps relieve pain

The point of ice therapy following the injury is to get relieved from the pain. It is useful in the first 72 hours. The ice therapy causes numbness which either delays or slows down the pain signal reaching to the brain; therefore, the pain sensation is reduced.

2. It helps reduce swelling

The cold effect of ice therapy constricts the blood vessels, which prevent the flow of blood into tissues that causes swelling of the affected limbs.

3. It prevents further injury

During the injuries, muscle tissues are damaged. Following that, a chemical reaction takes place in response to injury. In the process, additional cells and tissues are damaged. Ice therapy helps declines the chemical reactions, thus preventing further injuries.

4. It initiates and promote healing

The ice therapy for more than 72 hours is known to improve the blood supply to the injured site. The improved blood supply carries adequate oxygen and nutrients which help initiate and promote speedy healing.

5. Reduce unwanted muscular activity

Ice therapy helps reduces unwanted muscular activity such as abnormal muscle contraction and muscle spasm, which are responsible for muscle fatigue and weakness. The cold provide a soothing effect which helps lessen the undesirable activity.


Cold therapy is an effective therapy only when applied appropriately and used for a particular period of time. It is applied several times a day for 15 minutes. It is affordable, and it is the best first line of treatment for the new and recent musculoskeletal injuries.

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