Updated on April 15, 2020

5 Benefits of massage therapy

In this era of competition, we thrive to stay awake working late night. We need to put a lot of effort and to work a longer duration to stay on the top of the competition world. Of course, that means extra money in your account, but at the same time, it says you are hurting your body for making it work beyond the capability.

Muscle Soreness, muscle pain, strain, sprain, joints pain and muscle tightness are common conditions these days which is caused due to overload in work, and it can cost you a lot with your work and business.

You know what, the solution is simple. Get a massage, set up your mind and body with complete relaxation and perform better and stay on the top.

So here are 5 benefits of massage therapy.

1. Fastens the Healing Process of the injured tissues

Massage improves the circulation, which enhances the blood circulation that helps to deliver the freshly oxygenated blood which is essential for the healing process of the injured tissues. It also helps in removing the metabolic waste faster, which all contributes to the faster healing process of the injured tissues.

2. Relaxes the tightened muscles

Massage also has the stretching effects of the muscles. Especially massages like Sports massage and Thai Massage has steps which involve stretching of the muscles.

Tight muscles cause discomfort and pain which can interrupt with your daily activities. But receiving a massage means, relaxing the tight muscles to get rid of pain and discomfort.

3. Boost the mental status

The touch from the therapist or a person can psychologically make you feel better. And with relaxed muscles and body, it can boost up the mental status which can help to keep your focus on your work.

4. Relaxation

Massage helps to release a hormone called oxytocin, often known as happy hormones. It helps to decrease our stress level and relaxes our mind.

Not only that, improved circulation, maintained muscle elasticity, and with proper mental status, it contributes to relaxation. It has also been proven that it can help us to sleep better.

5. Perform Better

With healed tissues, improved circulation, healthy mental status, and fully elastic muscle fibers, you can perform better in activities and sports. It can let you focus more on your work so that you can work better and do better in business.


Whether you are an office worker, or athlete or heavy worker, you can be all benefited from massage therapy. It can keep us stay relaxed, stress-free mind and body, and enhance our performance. You don't have to buy an expensive type of equipment like massage chairs and massage machines or hire a Massage therapist, all you need is simple kneading and ponding from your spouse or child, or even you can massage yourself.

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Graduated from HNB Garhwal University, Ugyen currently works as a clinical Physiotherapist in Bhutan. With 5 years of experience in the Physiotherapy field, and for the passion of blogging, the GoForPhysio.com was born. Find out tips, information & product reviews on Physiotherapy here.

Ugyen Dorji, Physiotherapist

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